What we Offer our Employees

 Comprehensive Benefits (Dental, Vision, Health)
 Paid vacation and sick days
 Support in professional development including an incentive plan
 Flexible scheduling, predicable hours and no weekends
 Training and mentorship and support for continued education and apprenticeships
 A positive, fun, professional work environment
 A strong sense of staff appreciation
 The chance to make a difference and take part in meaningful work
 Childcare employee discounts
 Opportunities to share your knowledge, experience, creativity, innovation, etc. through team     building
 Partnerships with KidsAbility, KWHabilitation and the Professional Resource Center at    Conestoga College to help provide our team with the support and continuous learning that this    field requires
  Much more

Organizational Climate

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• Host monthly staff meetings (Team building, sharing and brainstorming, professional development, games, etc.)

• Consistently sharing ideas, knowledge, education and experience

• Support and guidance from management and third-party organizations

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Energy (Positive)

• Affirmations mirror and Appreciation Station

• Have fun and get messy with the kiddos

• Joke board for smiles and laughs everyday

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• Staff of the month with gift

• Celebrations! (Birthdays, Anniversaries, New homes, Babies, etc.)

• Staff night out (Paint night, Dinner, Bowling, Virtual Escape room, etc.)

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• Praise, recognition and awards for achievements

• Motivational board

• Supporting and listening to Educators and valuing their voices

Who We Are Looking For;

Are you an Early Childhood Educator looking for a work place where you can grow and learn professionally all while having a blast? Our dynamic team is always looking for qualified professionals to join us for permanent, part-time/temporary or supply positions. If you are interested, please submit your resume and cover letter to jennifer@littlescholarschildcare.ca

All candidate resumes will be reviewed and qualified candidates that are selected to move forward, will be contacted via email about scheduling an interview. During this interview, you will be asked questions about your work ethic, education and experience, be provided with scenario questions and be asked to share professional goals and future plans. Once the interview is complete, we will require two (2) or more professional references. If you are offered a position, you will be provided with an offer, our employee handbook and contract to review and a list of hiring requirements that must be completed prior to starting.

Testimonies from our Team:

I love working at Little Scholars. There are lots of opportunities for professional development, great team building events, employee appreciation surprises and a wonderful, supportive working environment. I’m so glad I joined the Little Scholars family! Claire – EA – Infant
I have worked at Little Scholars for just about a year and a half and I can promise you that my time here has been absolutely rewarding. There are such wonderful lessons that you will learn when working with children and time flies so fast and seeing them grow up has been nothing but rewarding. The kids are just one part of your day here at Little Scholars. I have also developed great relationships with the staff and know that I can go to them for help, laughs or whenever I have had a stressful day. Coming from a person who is INFP, I can honestly say how much I love the staff at Little Scholars. I have learned so much here and built my confidence enough that I am currently working my way towards my ECE, I cannot wait to return to Little Scholars as an RECE and to see all of the lovely children and amazing team again. Judy – EA – Toddler B
Working at Little Scholars for the past ten months has been one of the best work experiences of my life. Management is respectful, supportive and always there when you need them and our team is truly a family. Everyone at this centre works very hard to ensure the best environment not only for the children, but for all employees as well. From affirmation boards, weekly jokes, and constant on the floor support, it makes the work environment very different from what I’ve experienced in the past. My love for working with children has only grown stronger since working here and it is definitely a perfect place to start a long-term career in meaningful childcare work. Olivia – EA – Infant
I have worked at Little Scholars since it first opened almost four years ago. It has always been a pleasure working with Jen and the team is friendly and creates a free space where you can provide your suggestions and ideas and everyone around is very accepting. I love your monthly staff meeting (with free snacks) and our staff outings like paint night, games, dinners and more. Jen is always makes sure to make everyone feel extra special by celebrating personal days too like birthdays, pregnancies, weddings, new homes and so much more. I am so happy to be part of the Little Scholars team. Simonil – ECE – Infants
Little Scholars has made me feel welcomed and apart of the team since day one. Everyone greeted me on my first day with open arms. I have felt appreciated there for my work and our monthly staff meetings have been a great way too address things but to also have fun as a team too. There are always lots of resources to help you in your career as an educator and to help the children and the classroom too. I am enjoying being apart of the Little Scholars team! Taylor – RECE – Toddler B
I have been looking for a company where I can grow as a team player, share my compassion and energy for teaching children and a place where I feel a sense of belonging. I have found it here at Little Scholars! I have been here for over two years now and the atmosphere of the staff, management and families are amazing. As an RECE in the field for 19 years now, I am confident and happy being part of this Little Scholars team. Jennifer – RECE – Toddler A
Working at Little Scholars has made me laugh daily for the past three years. Special events and staff outings really show appreciation to the hard working staff. We also make children are our first priority and give them special days like our Summer BBQ and much more. It's an amazing childcare center and we keep getting better! Amanda – COOK
It has been a great opportunity to work at Little Scholars. Our team is like a family. Even though I have only been working here just over four months, it has been a phenomenal experience. I am learning a lot from my coworkers and am so grateful to have Jen as my boss. She is so welcoming and helpful whenever we need her as a leader or as a friend. More importantly, she appreciates us and cares for us and when she knows we need to be cheered up, she brings us goodies or surprises and make us feeling loved and like we belong. The environment is so great as everyone is so friendly and I am looking forward to many more years with my Little Scholars family. Amandeep – RECE – Toddler C
I have been working for Little Scholars for about three years and if I could say anything about my experience with Little Scholars it would be that it is the most loving, caring and understanding facility I have ever experienced. Not only are the rooms developed to help the children explore and build their skills, but they are completely adaptive to the children’s struggles and interests. It helps all of the children find out who they are; for some it helps kids explore their love of art, or building. The staff all work closely to help the children explore their surroundings and learn basic life skills. The lessons are developed to be inline with the children’s interests. We are able to teach the children both physical and emotional skills and are able to connect these teachable components to the children’s interest, allowing it to be deeply understood. The environment is incredible to work in. Little Scholars is understanding and care about us as staff. We celebrate big events in the staffs lives, such as getting married, having a baby or moving into your first house. Birthdays are not only celebrated for each child but also for every staff. It is a very light hearted environment and full of jokes, friendships. I have never been employed in an environment as welcoming and caring as it is at Little Scholars. The close relationships with the children and seeing these children learn and develop their skills and their personality is the most rewarding part of my day. Laurie – EA – Preschool 1
I have been working with children for over 13 years. Little Scholars is the first place to encourage constant growth and learning for staff. We are encouraged to ask for supports that we need in order to benefit and support the children and families. I love seeing kids run through the door in the morning excited to play and learn. I love working with staff that are hardworking and driven and creating loving relationships with families. Definitely a team that I am proud to be apart of. Natasha – EA – Toddler A/C
Little Scholars has been a fun and exciting place to work. The staff are very warm and welcoming and the work environment is super supportive. Although I have only been here for a short period of time, it feels like I’ve been here forever! Jen offers lots of resources to guide us in our teaching and we are constantly striving to ensure that children are engaged in meaningful learning experiences! Pauline – RECE – Toddler B
I love working at Little Scholars because Jen gave me a chance with this job when I was out of university. She has always given me advice to make me better at my job and has supported my decision to go back to school. It was working at this job that I decided that becoming an ECE was the career path for me because of the atmosphere where everyone cares about the children and making it a great place to work. Whenever I ask Jen for support or advice she always comes through. My coworkers have always been thoughtful and supportive as well in both work and life challenges and I have developed lasting friendships with many of my coworkers and room partners. I have never had a job that I truly enjoy going to work each day until coming to Little Scholars. I recently moved from the Infant room to opening a new Toddler room and Jen and my coworkers supported me through this transition with advice and guidance that made it not seem like such a big task. Stephanie – EA – Toddler C
I have been working at Little Scholars for about six months. I really enjoy working here. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. They are always willing to help you and make you feel part of the team. The rooms are very large and have very high quality furniture and toys for the children. All rooms are video monitored, ensuring everyone’s safety. There is good reason why this center has been voted number one in the Reader’s Choice Awards for the last two years. It is a wondaful place to work! Ghazaleh – RECE – Infant
Working for Little Scholars has been a career goal come true. I know firsthand how hard being an educator can be sometimes, but to have such a supportive management team and work environment makes all the difference. Not only are the educators all great with the children, they are also great to each other, and I think that is so important in a workplace. I look forward to continuing to grow in my abilities as an educator, and I feel that I really can in this place. Victoria – RECE – Preschool 2